Sunday, October 6, 2013

Project Thirteen

Lesson Plan #1, "Don’t Judge a Book By It’s Cover!" Created by Group O'Keeffe for Project #13

In this lesson plan, third grade students evaluate book covers. It covers five days, each consisting of a forty-minute class session. As students look at different book covers, they are asked to analyze what should be included on the cover, what should be left out, and decide why. Students demonstrate, in this project, that they can comprehend and understand a book. After studying and discussing several book covers, students recreate a cover from a book they have already read. Enjoy!

Lesson Plan Overview
Lesson Plan Calender
Book Cover Rubric

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  1. Do they have to read the book before redoing the cover? Or do they guess what the story is about based on the cover? Or do they create a cover for a different book they have read? If they do not read the book that is covered by the cover they are examining, how are they to learn what to do with their cover/ You are not clear in your plan or in your introduction. This is a critical part of your plan which is missing.