Thursday, October 3, 2013

C4K Summary

My first and most favorite C4K assignment was from BooBoo in Mrs. Martin’s 4th block English class. In this blog, the students were asked to state a belief of theirs and include a personal story of how they came to this belief. In Booboo’s “This I believe” post, she discusses that her belief is to “live like you were dying.” live like you were dying By this, she meant that no one is promised tomorrow, and we should every day as if it was our last. I fully agreed with her on this. She explains her story that is about her father and grandmother. Her father and grandmother were in a car accident and were stuck in the car as it was on fire. Her grandmother proceeded to wrap a shirt around her fist and bust a window open in order to escape. She says if not for her grandmother’s courage, she would not be alive now. After this story, If I would have not believed in living every day to the fullest, I do now! Booboo gave great details on her personal story, and I would recommend anyone to read it. This story really touched my heart, and I think it is a great story to share in public in order to express her belief.

My second C4K assignment was from Amarah in Mrs. Lieschke's Class. In her post “Holidays,” he wrote about her favorite part of the holidays. Amarah’s favorite part of the holidays is relaxing. She had one thing that upsets her about the holidays though, and it was that her parents still make her go to bed early, even though she is not in school. I agreed with her that the best part of the holidays is relaxing. I included my favorite way of relaxing is by being with my family. I also gave her some advice that it is a great thing for her parents to want her to go to bed early still, because being well rested makes you a happier you for the next day. It was quite easy to relate to Amarah’s post, and it was easy to understand.

My third C4K assignment was to Rowana in Mrs. Lavakula’s class at Pt England School in New Zealand. This post was the most fun for me, because I am commenting on a girl’s post from New Zealand all the way from Alabama. In Rowana’s post “My Weekend,” she talks about celebrating father’s day with her family. Fathers Day I found it awesome that Rowana and I have so many similarities on how we celebrate Father’s Day. She talks about how she wrote a letter for her dad and grandfather and how they both responded to her letters. She also talks about her night after giving them the letters and her nightly routine of showering and eating. When commenting back, I told Rowana how similar our Father’s Days were. I also told her about my favorite part of her post was when she wrote the letter to her dad, and it said, “You will always be in my heart.”

My fourth C4K assignment was in response to Angel from Mr.Rhodus’s sixth grade class. The sixth grade class posts about questions that we typically do not think about such as “do birds get shocked when they sit on wires?” Birds on a wire The question Angel answered was, “how much does the sky weigh?” She talks about how the sky does not crush us because of how we breathe. She said that because we breathe in air and out, the sky does not overwhelm us. I thought that was interesting, because I would have never even thought about how much the sky weighs. I told her how intriguing I thought the subject was and how she really got the reader’s attention.

My reflection: C4K #2 and C4K #3 were the most easy to relate to. C4K #1 was the post I could use the most in life and best post I could reflect on. C4K #4 was the most informative. I think by commenting on these children’s posts, we are really helping their confidence. It is also helping us expand our confidence in commenting. I would love to use blogs as these teachers have in order to show projects we have done in math, as well as receive feedback on them.

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