Wednesday, October 30, 2013

C4K #2

1. For my first C4K, Briana posted some questions and answers her teacher asked about a book they are reading. She did post the questions and answers so it made it much easier for the reader to understand. She gave great descriptions in her post that made me imagine a character’s voice in my head. I think this is important for blogging, because it shows the educational use and assessment use of blogging. Most blogs I have read by students have been about a topic the students have been given or just free writes. To see Briana’s blog being used to post questions and answers online made me think about how I could do this in my future classroom for assessing students, instead of using tests.

"I like how you included the questions your teacher asked in your post. It makes it much easier for the reader to understand where your comments are coming from. I really liked your comments that you included, but I would have like to have heard some more from you. I liked hearing how you thought Melody's voice sounds. Your description made me imagine her voice in my head."

2. Amily discusses about how her hero is her mom. I heart mom I thought this was very sweet, and told her that I am sure her mom would be so proud to see her blog. I think this is one great thing about blogging. We get to share our ideas and make connections on how we feel. I connected with her love for mom with the love of mine. I was so happy to get to read her post, because It helps me realize the connections we can make in blogging.

"I think it is really great that you see your mom as your hero. I am sure your mom would love to see your blog and how you think she is your hero. I also love my mom very much."

3. Isabella wrote about her hobbies such as ballet and her interest in dissecting animals. This is something I was not fond of, but something that interested me as a reader so I commented back by saying:

"I am glad to see how much you enjoy science and dissecting animals. I get sick dissecting animals, and science is a very hard subject for me. I also really enjoyed reading your post, because you used many details on your potato lab. That seems interesting! I would also love to grow a large sunflower. Thank you for your post."

Animal Frog
After posting my comment, I got a reply from Isabella not to long ago, and I commented back to hers. She asked me about college and why dissecting animals makes me sick. She also said how excited she was that I had commented on her blog, and how she never thought someone would be interested in the blog. For this conversation me and Isabella are having, I am so glad we have these C4K assignments. I am so proud to be able to give Isabella more confidence in blogging.

4. My last four C4K assignment was from Megan, and her post was about the Cardinals in baseball. Although I am not a big fan of baseball, she gave me so many interesting facts to read that I became quite interested in her post. Cardinals She listed different facts such as the year the baseball was made and some people who are in the hall of fame. I really enjoyed reading her post, mainly because it gave me some great insight and opinion on a subject I did not know much about. Her post helped me realized that you can learn new things just from reading blogs and that it is important to read blogs because you may find new information on something that could make you change your mind about things you may not like.

"I love your post mainly because it taught me many things about baseball! I am not a big fan about baseball, but you gave me so many interesting facts that I could be interested in watching the Cardinals now! Thank you for your post, and sharing your facts. Knowing your facts about Mr. Melina makes me think that the Cardinals might win the World Series!"

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