Sunday, October 27, 2013

Lesson Plan Two

What Will They Think?

What to think

In the What Will They Think? project, students use their understanding of graphing to make predictions, based on a small set of responses, about how a larger group of people will answer questions about ideas for new food products. The class conducts a survey of themselves, then larger groups of their peers. Based on analysis of the data, students compare the effectiveness of their predictions made by educated guessing, hand-drawn graphs, and computer-generated graphs. In the final step, students write a report summarizing their analysis, write a letter to a food-product company explaining their ideas and findings, and make a presentation to an audience.

Please feel free to check out my lesson plan on my Google Site!


  1. I apologize for being so late with my comment!

    First, let me say that I like the idea of the project. I can see students being interested in this, especially since it involves food!

    However, the Project Calender fails to specify for how long each day students will be working on the project. On some days, there are quite a lot of activities listed, and it seems some of them would take quite a while. So it's a good idea to note how long each day the students will be working on the project.

    Also, what will the students be using to make their presentations? Google Presentation? iMovie? Prezi? Based on the nature of the project, I don't think you listed on the Project Overview all the necessary materials students will need and will use.

    I do like how you have all of your lesson plans on one Google site. That makes it easy to find them all!

  2. The presentations can be done on any application they choose. Thank you for the project calender tip. I will have to probably extend the project an extra week, because I would like the students to work on it only 45 minutes a day. Thank you Rebecca.