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Friday, November 1, 2013

C4T #3: Wesley A. Fryer “Expanding the Classroom Menu”

Wesley Fryer

Dr. Wesley Fryer is a google certified teacher who's blog "Moving a the Speed of Creativity" was selected as the 2006 “Best Learning Theory Blog” by eSchoolnews and Discovery Education. He is overall a wonderful inspiration for educators and surely useful for my PLN.

Mapping Media and Narrated Art in Canfield, Ohio (Oct 2013)

In Dr. Fryer’s first post, he uploads two slides that he shared in Canfield, Ohio. His first session is based on the discussion of digital literacy. What does it mean? For Dr. Fryer, it means students and teachers being able to share and make different multimedia products. He covers different examples of student media, how teachers can enhance their digital literacy through different tools. In the second session, he uses a hands on approach to show narrated art samples. I really liked this post, because instead of it being all words, he even gave the hands on activity he used in the conference on his blog. In addition, all of the tools he uses for narrated art samples are very useful! You could use any one of these tools for almost any assignment as a teacher. The first session tells a story about Andrew Vanden Heuvel who uses Google glasses to incorporate his students into his experiences, and I just thought that was amazing. We must expand the classroom menu! We have to give our students more choices on how projects can be done. The more tools we give them access to use, the more unique results we will get!

Here is an excerpt from my post: “First off, I would like to start by saying that this post has really inspired me to become a "story chaser" and share the story of my future classroom. I really enjoyed going through your first video that incorporated the Google glasses. I think the way Andrew Vanden Heuvel shares his experience is a great way for students to explore past their own surroundings. I really like how you said, "expanding the classroom menu." I never thought about all the tools students could use for one project. This would create so many different presentations of the same project for a class.”

mapping media

Good Teachers Make a HUGE Difference – and PD is VITAL! [VIDEO]

In this post, Dr. Fryer shows a video about the importance of good teachers and teachers being lifelong learners. I found this post to be my favorite C4T assignment, because of this video:


This video just makes me feel great about going into the profession of teaching. We are shaping the minds of our future leaders here, people! This video just really exemplifies the value of a teacher and the important of ongoing professional development opportunities.

Here is an excerpt from my post: ”Thank you so much for sharing this post! I always think about as a future educator how we are shaping our future leader's minds. It is important to not see them just as children, and we realize how important it is to always have ongoing professional development opportunities. I think if more people saw this video, they could see how important teachers are in society.”

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  1. Hi Kayla -
    I am so glad that I was assigned your blog this week and that I picked this assignment to comment on. Your post was well written and made me want to learn more. I watched the video and it did open my eyes a little more about the future and what kind of teacher I want to be. I plan on doing some more research and checking out this teacher's blog on a regular basis. Great post and glad you added the video. Good luck in the future.

    Jennifer Hamrick